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OK to Wake!

Do I recommend it? Oh yes I do.
We've been using the OK to Wake! clock for years and it's been the best sleep took we've bought. Ever. We bought it way before our first daughter ever knew what the function of it was. Every day for naps and bedtime we'd set the clock, tell her it would turn green when it was time to get up, and then we'd come into her room when the clock turned green. At first, it was pointless and she didn't understand. 
Eventually, because we were persistent and consistent, she understood. Now, she is 3, and will sit in her bed, awake, until her clock turns green. I know that other parents had have trouble with their kids getting out of bed, ditching naptime because they don't want to be in bed, and other naptime and bedtime woes. Not us! I don't even mind bragging. Our older daughter follows the rules of the OK to Wake! clock like none other. It's been a part of her sleep routine for years and she does not stray from it. 
This clock is very basic. You can set a time for the clock to turn green, and it will whenever that time comes. It also has an alarm aspect to it and you can set an alarm for your child if that works better for them. It has 2 interchangeable faces - a green one and a purple one. 
This clock has been a lifesaver. It's very similar to the Hatch Baby Rest night light, but with less frills. You cannot control it with your phone, and you cannot change the colors of the light. 
I 100% recommend this clock!